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I'm human. I'm still here.

When a full moon shines against the water, the tides rise and fall, never predictable, chaotic but divine. In harmony with a womans emotions. After a volcanic eruption, a mountain forms, over time that mountain erodes, and hills are created, in harmony with a womans anatomy. The flowers of life, on those hills resemble our reproductive system. The seeds from those flowers, like our children, from our wombs, grow. Those children support life and add harmony to the world. those flowers change the world. The flower of life, is a sacred geometrical structure that scientifically and philosophically explains the way everything on earth connects and operates. Our ancestors were hip to this. This is why ancient egyptian hieroglyphs had pharaohs with female features. They were into spirituality. The way earth operates is in divine chaos. Divine chaos is without structure or plan but overall purposeful, in harmony with a females habits and problem solving skills. The anatomy of mother nature is woman. The energy of our planet, chaotic but overall strategic, is woman…And they try to tell me this is a mans world we live in.

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Shots fired

Shots fired

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ive been meanin to fuck you in the garden. baby, baby, baby.

ive been meanin to fuck you in the garden. baby, baby, baby.

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I think the sky is beautiful, scary, infinite, mysterious. like souls, lost in love, fearful, blind, nothing of what we imagined, still embedded with sense of direction. Everything in nothing in endless connection. Eyes look to the pyramids and seen a resemblance. Stoned faces with purpose only viewed from a distance. Still queens and pharaohs, beings included though not discussed, cause ‘its kept secluded to “protect” us.’ Left us in the dark, clueless. Thus we are here, third eye seeing, even at our core, just beings of stardust, breathing.

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My laptop is in shipment

Once I get It I will be back on tumblr. The wait is almost over.

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This is a read.

That Kim j reference was purely sarcastic. a matter of, if you’re going to mock me for my looks you think are fake I’m going to mock you for your journalism career I think you got off tumblr from a blog you bought off another chick who already had those followers. I know how media works because I get the emails all the time. I was offered a journalism opportunity and a reality tv show opportunity off of my lil 17k followers And already majored in mass communications journalism AS 2012. I’ve been interviewed by more credible sources in Atlanta already. So for you of all ppl to respond with “you’re not worthy of”, you’re not piers Morgan. I wouldn’t even fart in Kim j direction & I’m not even a celebrity. So yea bitch, probably not. That flew over her head, I expected that too. to respond with that is hilariously ironic That came out of your mouth of all ppl when weren’t you the one who creeped on my twitter page to screenshot a recent gif to place on your blog to have a open discussion about without @ing me? Regardless, Idc how many of your minions chime in, I still exist. I’m still more known than you in your city and I don’t even like to be known, thanks to the interviews I’ve already done by better established bloggers atlnightspots being one of them & that’s just for looking good, once again I’m not a celeb. I wasn’t worthy of THAT. So you’re still hating, you cute but you still have 7 shape eyebrows, you’re still built like yogi bear, and earth still spins, doesn’t it bitch? All of this comes down to, for anyone out there. if you don’t fuck with me, don’t. But this trolling that someone does every once in a while, I understand it comes with being online & the more ppl that follow you the more it’s going to happen, because you’re goin to have men who think they have to insult for a reaction and women who chime in on that but doing it to me is pointless because if it was going to stop me by now it definitely would have. And to make matters even worse I post hella videos on Instagram of my body and look even thicker on there, so as a journalist you could’ve atleast used my resources in my bio on my twitter page that you lurked on and went to my Instagram before jumping in my recent images to probably see if I look better than you and then reacting irrationally about it on a whole different site full of bullshit once you found out I do. Understand this post is me defending myself. Otherwise I mind my black ass business. You should too.

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Video: look back at it 👀

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My laptop has crashed so I havnt been able to post gifs lately. Which sucks for those who followed me on here. I will post again whenever I get that handled. Feel free to follow me on twitter @RAYCHIELOVESU there Is no 5k follow back limit so I follow everyone back on there and use that most often

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Video: sweatpants hair tied

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